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Dear all,
I have just tried to download the Garage Band in app purchase for the RED loop pack for AIDS and it will not work. I get through the <purchase>, putting in my user ID and password and <buy> pages but after that it saysoperation could not be completed.'. I'm using an iPhone 6 with IOS 8.1 and on a very fast eduroam wireless connection at my university. What do you think is the problem? Is anyone else having this problem?

Thank you,

Steve. '



Submitted by Mark SARCH on Monday, November 24, 2014

Hi Steven
Last night bought the extra sounds and that I did was the follow and it works for me:
okay first you say that have Garage app open try kill the app using the app switcher
and I suggest have enable sounds clit to voiceOver

^ Launch the Garage band app
^ after launch will it ask if you would like purchase the sounds hit purchase
^ when it ask to enter your apple ID passcode
^ enter the passcode follow for return key don't look for okay button cause it not show up on the screen. automaticly when hit return key make the action to purchase
^ after past this stepts will announce that you can make purchase for the follow 15 minutes with out reenter your passcode
^ then you have the option to download the recents purchase on the background or announcing to you the progress indicater
the download file looks a little big it could take a while.
Enjoy the new sounds.

Submitted by steven carey on Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello Marco,
Yes, I used the same procedure as you and no, it does not work. I tried again at home and got the same problem. I even got a sighted person to switch off voice over and do it without and it still did not work. The phone even freezes once the <buy> button is hit. as a last resort, I even tried putting in my password by hand rather than the touch ID... still no go!


Submitted by Macky on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Could the problem simply be your university Wifi? I'm in Scotland and if you're university Internet connection is restricted as drastically as ours is then maybe that's where your problem lies? Try it again at home and see if you get any joy. Best of luck

Submitted by steven carey on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yes, tried that one too. Did it at home (in Essex by the way) on a 40 kb internet link and still no joy. I know university proxy server systems are quite protective but my apps usually update without any problem. However, I think the problem is to do with the upgrade itself and not the internet link. Straight away and after I've been through the procedure recommended by Marco, the message comes up instantly with no reason why this should be the case. I'll have to wait for others to suggest work arounds or just forget it which is a shame as the funds are going to a really great cause.


Submitted by Imaginingstuff on Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hi there, I finally upgrader to ios8 and have downloaded garage band. I would like to have more than grand piano, but can't seem to find anything else. Do I need to get that package Steven was talking about? How much is it in us money, it doesn't tell me. Any help with my new ap would be grately aappreciated! I am LabAnimalOne on Skype.

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