Garage band and keyboard

iOS & iPadOS

Hi everyone so I got a new phone recently and it had garage band on it as one of the apps that was automatically installed when you get a new phone and I want to play around with it so with that being said I’m wondering some thing though is there a way to use GarageBand with a Bluetooth keyboard and by keyboard I mean the one that you were type with not the musical version of a keyboard any help would be appreciated thanks



Submitted by Minionslayer on Saturday, July 25, 2020

I've seen this done in a YouTube video, and I've even got a PDf of all the supposed keyboard commands, but when using any within the latest version of Garageband on iOS 13.5 on an iPad Air 3, the keyboard commands don't work. I've tried both with keyboard mode enabled and disabled, no difference. I've tried with and without VO, no difference.

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