a free way to listen to my audio book on iOs dropbox

I have audiobooks that are extremely many files and they are in m4a. I would need a free app to play these that lets me add entire foldern.



If you're not wishing to use ITunes - and really, why would you if you can avoid it - then VLC player for IOS might be what you're looking for. It plays almost anything. I'm reasonably certain it plays M4A files, and you can import files from many different sources, including dropbox. It does import folders too. I had to use it when playing a book encoded in .FLAC.


Find bound for iOS. It's what I use for audio description files from audio vault.net and it can import from several different sources including dropbox and iCloud.

mp3 autiobook player

I've had some success with MP3 Audiobook Player. It's one of those accidentally accessible apps, so it's not perfect, but it gets the job done:


It's got a pro version and you'll want to upgrade if you find yourself using it. You can zip the audiobook up and then transfer the zipped file to your phone using, for example, Dropbox.


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