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hello all. I have a question i'd like feedback on. I use an iPod Touch fifth gen with IOS 8.1.1. Which of the free OCR apps is most accessible/reliable text detective or saytext? also if there is another free text OCR app thats accessible i don't know of please let me know:) thanks lots.



Submitted by Carlos Alonso on Saturday, November 29, 2014

In my experience these free apps can be very unreliable depending on your photo taking skills. I think they work well for the sighted population since they are able to easily focus the camera before taking the pic. So you may get a fast and near perfectOCR and just gibberish from your next picture. Apps like the KNFB reader perform a process to clean up the photo before the image is fed to the OCR engine and that's why it's a lot more reliable than the free apps, of course, the price is prohibitive for some. I have to say that I've tried these apps on iPhones and not on iPods, which have lower resolution cameras, but I think you can get the free apps to work for you with practice but you have to taper down your expectations for consistent quality scans.

I've used a couple of free ones, like Red Laser, I forget the other one, Red Laser works reasonably well, as far as the paid ones, I also use Recognizer, which is an object recognition and labelling app, you can search for it in this site, it includes a bar code reading function which is also pretty good in my opinion. I've read in this site that one of the best bar code apps is Digit Eyes, which I think costs $15, I don't have Digit Eyes, but if you search this site you'll find lots of comments in its app directory entry.

Submitted by HarmonicaPlayer on Sunday, November 30, 2014

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does the apps you use are they capable of identifying bartcodes on medication bottles/perscription info?