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I have spotify but cannot get premium. I have no computer so I cannot sync my phone and I have limited data. Is there an app to somehow download music to my phone. It doesn't matter wich type of music. I want it on my phone because streaming eats data so much. It doesn't have to be ilegal; there are independant artists.



Submitted by DJX on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Check out Apple music. You can download songs for offline listening. SO you could download songs while on your's or a friend's WIFI and keep them on the phone as long as you have an Apple Music Membership. If you've never signed up, you can get a 3 months free trial. After the trial expires it's $10 for single person, $15 for family shared account. Note the prices might have changed, that's the last time I checked on it, a few months ago.


Submitted by Sasha Stride on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This will not work because thanks to my guardian I can not buy stuff online like that. Otherwice I would have spotify premium now. I know there are music apps for youtube but I don't know wich of hose are accessible.

Submitted by Callum on Tuesday, November 15, 2016


If I've read your post correctly, what you're looking for can't really be done. When you say apps for YouTube I'm assuming you mean the YouTube to MP3 converters, there did used to be apps which would allow you to visit sites, convert your videos to MP3 and download them to your device, but they don't seem to be in the app store any more. I think Apple must have pulled them for obvious reasons. The closest thing you'll get is to use services such as Spotify or Apple Music and save your tracks offline when you're on a wifi connection if you don't want to use data. You can get a 3 month free trial of Apple music, but if you can't make payments online then you could buy some iTunes giftcards, add these to your Apple ID and then the monthly payments should go off those. I don't use Apple Music so haven't tested it, but I can't see why that wouldn't work.

Submitted by Jeff on Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yes, I can say for sure that the Apple Music membership will be debited from a gift card balance if you have one. Also, Apple is selling an annual individual Apple Music membership for $99 through Walmart and other stores. It works similarly to a gift card.