Foursquare, checky and swarm questions.

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all. since it looks like now Foursquare wants you to use swarm, it isn't that accessibile for me. I'm sure they will update it, and hopefully add accessibility improvements. Does anyone have any tips to use it better? I tried checy, but it onl showed my home places, granted I was home at the time. when I tried using it out, it didn't seem to refresh. One last question has anyone gotten status report to work with foursquare? I can understand people using it to see where their friends are but what could you send to it via status report? Thanks for any help.



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, June 7, 2014

It is decent at accessibility but you need to post to twitter after you check in as someone tried to instruct me, but i was confused as their buttons are labeled while mien are not. and they did not do any custom labeleing. @4sqsupport though will be able to answer all question regarding feedback on sworm. They want it and they already have the demo I put up, but feel free to send them one of you as the more that report ... Well you get the jist.

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