Foursquare check-ins have become inaccessible?

iOS and iPadOS
Hi, before making fool of myself with Foursquare developers, I'd like to hear from other visually impaired users about new Foursquare interface. The new update, 5.0 of foursquare, gives a 3-pages wizard where to press next, then next, then checking the box to enable posting to facebook's timeline if desired, then press close. The next window, has the foursquare logo. then, the check-in button is unlabeled but understandable and immediate to reach After pressing it, the places are viewed as usual clicking on the desired place to check into, voiceover will tell "ignore pop up"; but, where is the pop up and how to interact with it, to add tips, add checkins, add photos and so on? Someone has tips and tricks to interact? Or is it the case to start a monthly campaign with foursquare as target? I am stopping here and asking others, as, I always say, "computer troubles are between keyboard and chair" so I wouldn't like to warn of a problem if the problem is me! thanks for help!



Submitted by Zack on Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hi All, Checkins still work just fine for me over here. You have to tap the name of a place a couple times until the dialog pops up for you to type what you're doing, etc. You can also add tips from here as always. I don't feel the app is any less accessible, just different. Yours, Zack.

Submitted by Andre Louis on Thursday, June 7, 2012

As stated. The popup like most popups appears somewhat in the middle of the screen once you tap on the place you wish to checkin. This interface is merely a different way of doing things, not a cause for any kind of concern I feel. Apps have gotten a lot worse when they've updated in the passed, we need only refer to the official Speedtest app. Once that was so usable it was wonderful. Next, it would lag even an iPhone 4S running VoiceOver, which is no easy thing to be sure.

Submitted by Paul H on Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thanks for the heads up on this. I have been able to check in as normal and the tips and ability to take photos etc is still accessible. Some buttons are not clearly labelled as we would like but labelling them in voiceover once we have descovered what they are is a good work around for now. I think one of the differences is that there is now a small map of where you are and then a list below it. I say this but, don't have much useful sight to be absolutely sure. Best way forward I think would be to contact the developers and ask them to work with us rather than making it a full blown campaign in the case of SKYPE which deserved such a response. Finally, I would urge us to consider before we rush to the keyboard to post. I know the orrigianal author of this post did say that it may just be them which is fair enough but, very important to be as sure as one can be of the facts surrounding any accessibility issues as the word does get round very quickly and it may just be unfounded sometimes. Cheers all!

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