Found a cool use for the iDentifi object recognition app

iOS & iPadOS

I have found a new very helpful use for this app. I have been able to successfully identify items thrue the glass door of a refrigerator at the grocery. Normally, I would take a box of something out of the refrigerator, bring the camera close and snap the picture. Today, I simply put the camera close to the glass and took the picture. I would of course take another picture after I got the item in to my hands to make sure I had not made a mistake.
Thanks, Jason



Submitted by SoundSchemer on Friday, February 17, 2017

That's a great idea. I also like ToolWhiz vision, which uses ai. Have a great day

Submitted by Orko on Friday, February 17, 2017

You must still have some usable vision left. If I relied on an app to help find the groceries I need, it would take all day to do my grocery shopping.

Although it's far superior to any app, even my ID Mate Galaxy wouldn't improve things much.

So I just go to the customer service counter and ask for a shopping assistant.

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