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Hi all. Subject pretty much sums it up. A sister of mine just got an iPhone 7 a few days ago, and I am currently at our parents' place helping her get up and running with it. She is also a VoiceOver user. Double-tapping on an item causes the phone to skip around a lot. I thought this might be due to her iPhone being in Landscape mode rather than Portrait mode, so I just locked the screen rotation. But that doesn't seem to have helped. Is there perhaps a delay before the change takes effect? I remember my trainer at Second Sense here in Illinois locked the screen rotation on my iPhone, but I never had this issue after that. Tia for anybody's assistance. My sister is probably going to schedule some appointments with this same guy or one of the other iOS trainers at the same place, but that hasn't happened yet.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Sunday, February 17, 2019

First of all, after you lock rotation into portrait, there is no delay.

Second, the rodor will help in navigation. For example, if she is trying to navigate by heading, then place the rodor at the headings option and then swipe up/down with one finger. The rodor is much more important in proper, rapid navigation than I first realized, when I first started using the iPhone. If you don't know this, you can actually create a specific order on the rodor, as well. I just looked at all options and then decided what I thought logically should be together and then created my rodor order. It's like creating a playlist, if you will. My rodor looks like this...

Go to Settings, General, VoiceOver, Rodor to create your desired order. The following list does not include all options but just the ones I thought most important to my situation.

Although I and right handed, I use my left hand, which I also read braille with, to handle the iPhone. Therefore, I spin my rodor to the right for the following rodor order.

Speaking Rate
Audio Ducking
Form Controls
Text Fields
Search Fields
Text Selection
Vertical Navigation
Typing Mode
Audio Destination

Note: Keep in mind that not all rodor settings are available every time. It depends on which app is in focus as to which rodor options are available.

Not sure ow this turned into a rodor management lesson, but I hope it helps you anyway.

Third, sometimes simply causing the cursor to come into focus, by placing one finger anywhere on the screen, before navigating, causes the phone to perform properly.

Finally, sometimes a simple power down and restart of the phone will make all things better.

If these suggestions don't help, perhaps you could describe the problem a bit more, which will help forum members to come up with more solutions to try.

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Sunday, February 17, 2019

I don't have this issue in landscape on my ipad.
Could be me, but it sounds like the focus issue on ios. 12 that's been going on.
When I locked my ipad in landscape, it stopped jumping to portrait, or landscape with home button to the left.