Fleksy VO for 64-bit

iOS & iPadOS

It is my understanding that the authors of Fleksy released the source code of the Fleksy VO app as open source last year. This code appears now to be on GitHub.
The current versions of Fleksy and Fleksy VO are 32-bit apps and as such will not work on iOS 11.
I have contacted Apple accessibility to see if they would be willing or able to re-compile the Fleksy VO app from the open source code to a 64-bit version that will work on iOS 11. I realise that there would be some effort required to port an app from 32 to 64-bit, but would have hoped that this would not be particularly difficult for someone at Apple. (I had suggested that this would make a very useful project for an intern or other student).
The response I got from Apple Accessibility was their usual non-committal reply.
So if any other AppleVis readers would like to still be able to use Fleksy VO when iOS 11 comes along, can I suggest that you contact Apple Accessibility and ask if they can help. I would have hoped that the more people who ask for this, the more likely they are to do something about it.
Their address is Accessibility@Apple.com
The other alternative would be for someone who has the appropriate experience and software to do the port, and if anyone is reading this who could do this then I am sure we would all be very grateful.



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Monday, July 10, 2017

Apple accessibility will not go for it. They already have accessible keyboards, so why would they work on another one that they did not create? Like I said, I like your idea but I think you'd be better off contacting some of the other app developers that have made their apps accessible that are listed on Applevis and see if maybe one of them might do the conversion. Just a thought.