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iOS & iPadOS
Is anyone else having problems since iOS 6 update? It was working perfect with 5.1. Now when I use it, I have to delete and re-download. It starts reading off jibberish and source codes.



Submitted by Bahzad on Sunday, September 30, 2012

Interesting. The application works well on my end. I replaced my phone though, and checked every app to make sure it works. This was done on iOS5.1.1, but I haven't had any conflicts with iOS6. You might want to contact the developers of the company about the problem. Below is the link that will take you to the website--just click on "contact" and fill out the form. http://fleksy.com/

Submitted by Bill Fleksy Expert on Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello guys,

We have been working with Jeremy to find the cause of this issue and eventually replicate and squash it. If any other user is experiencing anything similar, please let us know here or in our support @ fleksy.com email.

Some further info on the issue:

"After loading up Fleksy and entering typing screen, VO starts reading off combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. Seemingly  random ones. This may happen even when VO is reading a word just typed."

Thank you so much for your patience and help on this peculiar bug.



Fleksy Expert