Fitbit Force accessible or not?

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Hi, I'm thinking of getting myself one of these to track my workouts along with sleep. It would be great to have hard data to measure my performance. I've never bought a product like this, and wonder how easy it is to, A, setup without eyes around. B what the IOS app is like with VO? I can possibly get some eyes to help me set it up if the IOS app is useable. Lifehacker review is at Thoughts welcomed! Barry.



Submitted by Tree on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I too have thought about getting into the whole fitbit thing. Even though I do not own a Fitbit product I have done a pretty good bit of research into it. Last time I checked the app is very accessible. I think all information received from the band minus the sleep info is accessible. From what I Understand the sleep info is in a graph and is not readable by voice over. However I do not think that is a deal breaker. As far as the band itself it does have a display which we can not read of course but all of that info should be easily gained from the app. What is more from what I understand as soon as you open the app it sinks with the band so that info should always be up to date. the only user interface on the band itself is one button. This is only for three things from what I understand. going through the different info such as steps taken and stairs climbed is the first thing . It also can be used to put the band into sleep mode and used to set silent alarms. I'm almost positive that both silent alarms and sleep and wake mode can be set with the app. If i was you I would try out the fitbit app. its free and even though you can't do everything without the band itself you can at least get a taste for things and try out tracking your food which I think is also accessible. Also you might be interested in the fitbit flex. its much like the force except that the force tracks steps climbed and will soon do phone call Notifications. I think the phone Notifications could be really cool as it makes the band a little closer to a smart watch. For us, however it will do little more then vibrate when someone is calling since we can't read the screen of the band to get the caller i d. The only other major reason the force is better then the flex is that it has a better screen, which does not do us any good. The flex is thirty dollars cheeper then the force. So you need to decide if steps climbed and phone call notafacations are worth the extra money. Sorry that this has been so long winded. hope it helps.

Submitted by Cliff on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hey, I relize this post is over a year old, but help me out please Tree or Barry or any other users! I am a State Trooper/Police Officer who was really into running and Bodybuilding when I was nearly killed in the Line of Duty many years ago and lost my sight as a result. I have read good things about the Fitbit, does it tell you every step when walking with the app or do you have to synch it after your workout to see how far you have come? What about the Fitbit watch? It is New, any comments? Thanks so much!

Submitted by riyu12345 (not verified) on Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'd recommend the apple watch. It will have voiceover support, it will have a fitness app and will be able to track a lot of things. Heart rate, steps taken, time spend sitting down, and lodes more. I'm going to personally buy it as soon as it comes out but you might be one of those that waits until they hear what a product sounds like before you buy so either way I'd still recommend the apple watch. I hope this helps and I'm sorry if it doesn't, i just thought I'd put it out there.

Submitted by Justin on Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cliff, the fitbit has to sing it's data with the iPhone when you open the app. Also, setting the app up is 100% doable with VO. I remember thinking of purchasing the force sometime last year, but heard that they had to recall some of them due to something with the band doing damage to the skin. I don't remember the details, but it sounded like they were too tight or something. I have a fitbit flex tracker and have been using it for about a year now. It works well, the sleep function needs improving. I am thinking about purchasing the apple watch also when it is released!

Submitted by Cliff on Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brad and Justin, Thanks so much for your input! It really means a lot! I did not think I would get any response! When is the iWatch going to be released? I would rather have that since I am familiar using an iPhone etc. Again, many thanks! Fyi, the Fitbit watch list for $249 , on

Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hello Cliff:

I, too, am going to choose the Apple Watch upon its release. A sighted friend of mine uses the Fitbit Flex and loves it. Because she got into it, I decided to at least look at the companion app. It is accessible. But, since the Apple Watch will do so much more, I've decided to spend my cash more wisely and invest in something that can do many more things beyond steps, heart rate, etc. I have been waiting for something that would be accessible enough to spend my time on it, with regard to functionality, and I think the Apple Watch will surpass my expectations just as my iPhone has. I can hardly wait for the Apple Watch release.

Submitted by riyu12345 (not verified) on Thursday, February 19, 2015

I've been wanting a fitness app on my iphone for quite a while. And now the apple watch comes out, I'm going to buy it as soon as I can and also, look forward to podcasts on how it works and what it can do. :) I'll be like a kid at Christmas wanting to open his presents to get to the good stuff, only to be told that he has to wait the wwhoooooole niiiight. :)