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Hi, Everyone,

I'm a bran new Fitbit user... just got my Charge 2 paired today, and am attempting to complete the setup process. I've found that, using the iOS app, I have to explore by touch pretty much exclusively to try to set up my goals, like hourly activity, etc. A couple quick questions, if I may please:

a. Is there a place where I set water intake and nutritional info... info like that? I thought I initially saw it in the site profile, but am having trouble locating it via the app.

2. In my hourly activity, it asks me to pick in which hours I will be trying to take 250 steps daily. It's currently set to nine hours a day, 9-6. If my daily goal is 10000 steps, what is the 250 for nine hours all about? That certainly doesn't add up to 10000 steps? I didn't change that, at least, not knowingly, as of yet, so I guess that's default setting that I'm not clearly understanding?

I'm using a sixth gen iPod Touch running the latest iOS.

Any other tips or pointers about app navigation or Charge 2 usage would be ever so appreciated. I'm excited to get started, but am feeling a bit daunted by the rest of this setup process, too. :)

Thanks ever so much.




Submitted by Justin on Friday, January 20, 2017

Hi Kim,
I used to use the fit bits. With the water intake, it's there on the home screen under the food plan or something like it. Don't exactly remember. The hourly activity thing you're talking about, never used it so don't have a clue. Just keep the 10000 step goal going. I have a fit bit charge HR, and haven't used it in a loooong while.

Submitted by Carlos Taylor on Friday, January 20, 2017

On my FitBit app, water intake appears on the main screen, the dashboard. I don't recall if I did something for it to show up there, but I personally don't use that feature. Hourly activity goals are to get people mindful to move at least once an hour. Of course, this counts toward your daily step goals, but is a bit different. One could get all of their step goals all at once, then sit around and do nothing the rest of the day. For me, I tend to get most of my steps in the morning. I'm often busy in my office for the rest of the day, so being mindful to take short breaks to at least take a walk down the hall once an hour is helpful.

Submitted by Justin on Sunday, January 22, 2017

Hi Heidi,
Any iOS device will work with the FitBit app.

Submitted by Heidi on Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sorry I didn't mean iPhone. I meant what is a Fitbit charge or something like that?

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