first impressions of an iPhone6+

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Hi all. This won't have anything to do with VO because my brother was the one who bought it tonight. To say that thing is thin is an understatement. However, here's what i noticed: when you hold it to your ear, I did it in the vicinity, the screen is so large it feels like your half hidden by it. I realize I'm sure it looks that way to others, but I was amazed it was so thin. I like how they went back to ther ound body. He hasn't set up Apple pay yet, and I don't know if he will. I'm still waiting on someone to actually do a transaction with apple pay. so we can hear even, your card was procesed, and you canedit out the details you wish to be omitted.



Submitted by Gordon Kent on Monday, November 24, 2014

I got my iPhone 6 plus on Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get going. You do need to take a lot of thumb prints, shifting the orientation of your thumb on the home button but it will finally tell you that it is good. Entering the 4 digit pass code each time you unlock it takes some getting used to, and I still haven't checked out what all this extra stuff like the pages view and keynote etc. are all about. I put them all in a folder I call free. Fortunately I have big hands. I don't know how practical it would be for a small woman to handle, she'd have to use two hands to hold it securely. The battery does last longer, and apps that didn't always display all their content on the screen now show a lot more. It's probably almost like having an iPad mini with the new faster processor. I hope somebody starts making an external audio interface that will dock to it. The lock button is on the side now, which I like better. I would imagine it's a lot better for folks watching TV while at sporting events. Entering text takes a bit of getting used to because everything is more spread out. You probably could lay it on a table and use two hands like a mini qwerty keyboard or something. It's nice with some of my synthesizer apps to be able to turn voice over off and have a wider range for playing the synth. And iBooks is better because the pages don't need to scroll so much, though I still prefer the iPad air for that. Now if they would only straighten out some of the weird iOS8 bugs.