Filenames of voice memos have changed their format.

iOS and iPadOS
I'm having a weird thing happen with filenames of voice memos recorded with my iPhone 4. I don't know what I might have changed, but I don't like the way the filenames are done now. They used to be something like this: 12_7_2011 3_18 PM.m4a And now they're like this: 20120508 155504.m4a The numbers used to go month/day/year, separated by underlines, but now they're all jammed together, and now it's formatted year/month/day, and the time is in 24-hour format. If someone knows how to fix this, I would very much appreciate instructions. I'm so confused, and I just want things back the way they were before. If it helps, I once changed my language region to British English, and something else to Australian English to see if I could get the uncompact Karen, but I left it alone for a few hours, and nothing happened, so I changed everything back to their defaults. Thanks, Shersey