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Hello, everyone! I have had such awesome help with my past questions, that I want to thank everybody who has helped me. 1. Is there a way to forward e-mail from my e-mail message list on my iPhone Five? I could not find any forward button with VoiceOver. 2. I just tried Overdrive Console on my iPhone, and was able to download and play an audio book. I am done with the book and want to return it to the library, but I cannot find a return/delete button. I searched on the net and found a site that said to click on the plus sign in front of the book title and a return/delete button would appear. I have set punctuation to read all punctuation, but I cannot find a plus sign or the button. I am using Version 2.6.3 on an iPhone Five with the latest version of I O S. 3. Can I read e-books with Overdrive and VoiceOver, and do I need an Adobe ID to read Adobe epub books? Thank you, everyone in advance for your help. Jane



Submitted by kieran l on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi, Forwarding emails is easy. The button is behind the reply button. It will bring up a menu with different options, and once you click forward, you are put in to a normal email composing view. Hope this has helped. Kieran

Submitted by JPikula on Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Thank you, Kieran. I am not clear on one thing you said. You said that the Forward button is behind the Reply button. Does this mean that I first tap on the reply button and then a menu will come up? I hope I don't sound too dense here, I just wanted to clarify. thank you again for your help. Jane

Hi. Yes, if you select the Reply button, a menu will come up with the following options: - Reply - Reply All, (when applicable) - Forward - Print - Cancel Hope that helps.