A few issues with the iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 11.2.1

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I recently upgraded my iPhone 6 Plus from iOS 10.3.3 to 11.2.1.
The first thing I noticed, whas that the keyboard layout was somewhat different.
I always type in landscape mode.
In previous versions of iOS, the period and comma signs was located at the down right, and down left respectively.
And delete and return was a bit to the left of the period sign.
Now, delete is where the period was.
And neither period nor comma are there at all.
To type them, I have to switch to numbers, and find them there, like on smaller iPhones.
Having the period and comma on the screen all the time was one of the advantages with a big phone.
That part of it is now gone.
Does anyone know why this has happened?
Has the keyboard layout really been changed in iOS 11?
Or is there any setting which now have to be adjusted?
There's also a problem with reading the time.
When pressing the home button on the locked screen, the blip sound comes.
But more often than not, the time is not red.
However, the number of notifications is red as before.
To make sure that the time is always red, I now have to use the power button instead.
That works all the time.
I even get rid of the blip sound when doing so.
I have an iPhone SE as well, running the same iOS version.
And the home button works as expected.
So, is this a common bug on the 6 Plus?
Or is it something wrong with mine?



Submitted by Serena on Sunday, December 17, 2017

hiya, sometimes i find that after updating a couple times, it gets a bit messy, and odd bugs appear. i tend to find a lot of them are fixed by restoring the iphone with itunes, so that it has a nice fresh copy running with no left over ios files from earlier versions. so if it's really a problem, maybe try that.

Submitted by Betsy on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mine has no period or comma on the letters keyboard either. But voiceover does say the time when I press the home button in locked mode.