Feeddler rss reader updated this morning

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Hello, Feeddler pro, the most famous accessible rss reader, updated this morning (italian time) with some alternatives to google reader, to synchronize feeds with. 2 of those are not free, they have a 30 days trial. The free one is theoldreader - http://theoldreader.com you can register there for free and then import your feeds how to do that? If you are Lire rss user, you can just go to Lire's settings, OPML export, and then generate an OPML that you can save to dropbox or send via e-mail to yourself to have it on the computer. Then simply import it with the browse button into oldreader.com, from your web browser. I find it pretty accessible, now i have jaws13 here at work and I managed to do the operation quite good theoldreader should take you to a sort of queue, telling there are a number of people asking to import feeds before you an e-mail will notify you of the successful importing. Remember that if you register a GMail account with theoldreader you could not notice of the import successful notification as -to me, at least- it has been delivered to spam folder. Now for me, feeddler has started to work again. I just tapped the accounts button and then told it to access theoldreader instead of google reader. The only negative thing, is that, even if I accurately organized my feeds in folders by Lire, and folders were saved to the OPML indeed, TheOldReader did not save folders and also did not save titles so, i have all feeds listed as HTTP slash slash www blog name slash feed. or slash whatever What to do for this? Do not know at the moment. I just contacted feeddler's developer to have any suggestion. And do not know if the feeddler's settings are kept saved or if I have to set everything up again such as how to read feeds, if complete or just summary, if to download images or not, and so on I'll give further information if any! bye for now!



Submitted by vallim on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Am I missing something????? Why would I want to use anything other than lire, which works absolutely perfectly?????

Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello, no. you are not missing anything. This is an alternative Lire is a very good program but if you have several feeds and have 2 devices, an iPhone and an iPad for example, you must resync feeds manually or use OPML import and export feeddler, and now I discovered also Digg, are cloud solutions so that you have feeds synchronized on the server and maybe a faster update I am happy of Lire too, but I find that sometimes it's very slow to refresh, even if I just set it up as the podcast illustrated No one is obliged to use a software rather than another!

Submitted by vallim on Friday, June 28, 2013

Thanks, it wasn't clear to me that it was cloud sync enabled. There is a clear benaffit for people with multiple devices.