iOS and iPadOS

Hi everyone,
Honestly, I found three different threads about, so am
posting my question here. Even if I would likely prefer a macos solution.
Has anyone found ways around the problems somewhat current in reaching since about last December?
My own efforts meet with a cloudflare far from inclusive Captcha, and
others I have asked in comparative platforms like Linux encounter the
same issue. Making matters more challenging is getting anyone to pay
attention, although I am told posting the faulty captcha to their
fictionpress twitter feed might work.
I read fanfiction a great deal, finding ao3 effortless for me in its
inclusion, but now years worth of author / story bookmarks in my browser
are lost at ffn.
as a side note, I believe there are a few writers here as well.
would love pen names so I can check out your work!
Thanks, Kare