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Has anyone encountered Facebook's new notification display in the app? It's fine on iPad, but on iPhone it's totally new. It tells me to double-tap with two fingers to interact with it, but when I do, the iPhone does the standard thing, and just starts playing music. Is anyone else annoyed by this?



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Actually, the two finger double tap to like or interact with a story on Facebook has been around for a long time. Don't know why it's not working in this version for you. I haven't had any problems with it. Try deleting and reinstalling perhaps?

Submitted by Michael Hansen on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hello Special K,

Yes, users have encountered this issue in the Notifications area of the Facebook app. Unfortunately, there isn't yet a good solution available that we know of.

Submitted by Toonhead on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm not sure why they picked the 2-finger double-tap gesture when the single-finger double-tap makes more sense, at least to me. The 2 finger one just seems to cause more problems than it solves, and so many other apps use the single-finger double-tap one that it just makes sense.

Submitted by Special K on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The 2-finger double tap does work, but not in the context of the new notification center. This new notification center seems to roll out to FB users a few at a time, because I have it, but other friends do not. When I uninstall, and reinstall the app, it reverts to the old style, just notifications in a list, but after a few minutes, it always goes back to the new, inaccessible style. I suppose the only thing to do is use Safari to check Facebook notifications rather than the app. Not the ideal way, but it works!

Submitted by Troy on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Not working here either, another problem I noticed is the app seems to refresh itself, I'll be scrolling and all the sudden I'm at the beginning of my newsfeed

Submitted by Susan N on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with the nice people at Apple Accessibility regarding the broken Notification Center. I went through the laborious process of resetting, backing up, and then restoring my iPhone via iTunes. Nothing made any difference. Deleting and reinstalling the app did not help, though this did work for me for a short time as one of the above posters said, but it no longer helps. My consultant said he was sending the issues to the engineers, but since everything else related to Voiceover on the phone seems to be working, he thinks it is a problem with the Facebook app itself. He suggested contacting Facebook. I have already e-mailed them twice via the Report a Problem under the "More" button. It is so frustrating to get used to relying on an app, only for it to become inaccessible for us. I know Facebook has millions of users, so I can only hope that all of us Voiceover users will e-mail Facebook. Sorry for the long e-mail, just wanted to let the community know that I had contacted Apple Accessibility.


It's definitely not Apple's fault. Facebook is notorious for introducing new whiz-bang features that break the app for us without any consideration. What's worse is that it's not the app itself that they're changing, it's the underlying code on their end, so regardless of the app updates, the problem won't be fixed till they fix whatever it is in their HTML that actually gets pushed to the app.

Submitted by Monty on Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sadly I have the new god awful notification center layout, which I noticed yesterday afternoon 4/17, while trying to view my notifications. The one thing you should be able to do with ease in the notifications centerof facebook, that is actually check your notifications, can't even be done now with voiceOver. All I see are things like upcoming birthdays, nearby places for breakfast, trending, news shared locally, and voiceOver saying double tap with 2 fingers to interact, which as others have pointed out, does nothing with regard to the facebook app. I haven't looked to see if these new things in notifications center of facebook are usable, as I currently have no interest in those things. I only want to view my facebook notifications, that's it! I can do this on the computer yes, but is their any way to do it when only my phone is with me? I'll use safari if needed for now, but I'm shocked no one tested this before release! It's very discouraging to have things you come to use regularly, break with no warning! I know facebook is supposed to have an accessibility team, but are they only allowed to look at this stuff when it breaks? We may be visually impaired or totally blind, but we are users just like the other millions of users of facebook. How the heck can they even see their notifications now with this crazy layout. Hope this can be fixed soon. The rest of the app is good, for now anyway.

Submitted by Marconius on Monday, April 20, 2015

Didn't realize there was a duplicate post and already commented there. This notification tab roll out literally happened while I was using Facebook within another section of the application. It requires someone with vision to hit on otherwise inaccessible button to get the notification list back, but even then it does not stay. Now, it sounds like there is some kind of floating notification icon called "general" that announces new notifications when on the main newsfeed tab, but it is impossible to find.

I immediately fired off angry tweets to @FBAccess and submitted a detailed bug report. Last Friday, they said that they would look into the issue but considering it happened end of day, nothing over the weekend. I just sent out another tweet to both them and @Facebook to which they quickly replied that there may be a fixed very soon… Time will tell. Definitely sick of accessibility being an afterthought when someone decides they have a great idea for new design…

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, April 20, 2015

I got the same thing. they said fix coing soon. I'm used to accessibility beeing a second priority as I have often given it after thought, and I'm blind. At least it won't take them 3 months to fix an issue like it did last summer.