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As of today's updates to both these apps, has anyone else's notifications completely stopped working? I'll probably uninstall and reinstall to see if that makes a difference, but was curious if it's something anyone else has noticed. Notifications were working fine yesterday, but after I updated both apps this morning, none work. I've checked notifications settings, and nothing has changed. This is on an iPhone 5 running the latest update of iOS 7.



Submitted by jhud7789@twc.com (not verified) on Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hello, on my iPhone 5S they're working just fine. There are some notifications that I don't get but that's because I haven't went to the website to adjust them yet. And occasionally, I don't get some close for notifications that I labeled, but that's about it. To do this sometimes you have to go to the website and check the medication box to the person that you're wanting to receive notifications from. I hope this helps. As for Facebook messenger you might want to make sure it didn't you have notifications enabled for that application.

Submitted by Brooke on Thursday, October 16, 2014

Time to uninstall and reinstall, see if that makes a difference. All my actual notifications are set the same as they've always been.