is the facebook mainstream app really that inaccessible?

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So I have just visited the campaign section and I have noticed that people are reporting accessibility issues with the facebook app. However, my query is that is the issue down to personal preference or actual accessibility. I have found the app to be very user friendly, accept for when it keeps saying I have no internet connection, but that is a general issue as appose to accessibility. Even recently, I have found it easy to read and send messages in my Facebook inbox from the app. The only unlabelled button is the back button located in the top left hand corner and I have relabelled that to "back". Commenting, liking and stuff is far more easier than what it was previously. While many may find simpler apps, that are probs easier for them to use, the mainstream facebook app from my point of view has no accessibility apps that render it unusable. I actually like the app more than other paid apps.



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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My issue with the Facebook app is that some of the buttons are not labelled very well. Yes, it works if you want it to work. I too like using the native app because of the access to chat etc. If they label the buttons clearly, then I would consider it to be fully accessible. In terms of useability...the fact that you have to swipe around to get to every element in the news feed is pretty frustrating. But it does work.

I have seen no reason to try anything other than the Facebook app, though I have downloaded Focus and may get around to trying it someday. As has already been mentioned, the notifications don't read well. I've also discovered that you must tap the time of the notification because if you tap the person whom it regards you get the next one on the list. I've also found that even if you label the buttons they don't read back with the label consistently. It's annoying but not a deal breaker. If I find that Focus or another app will read continuously through the news feed without so much extraneous junk like "middle dot" and mystery links everywhere I might switch to it.

Focus doesn't give your notifications, that's why I got rid of it. For the newsfeed it's fine, but I want everything in a facebook app. Thanks for the suggestions about double tapping on the time instead of the name. I had that problem too. It would jump to the next one in the list. Also, when you click on a notification, and then go back to look at other ones, you have to click on notifications again. quite annoying.

Submitted by Borostar on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

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Hi. I use to use the native Facebook app until I discovered Voicebook. I like the news feed within the Voicebook app as it appears to display in assending or decending order. However I do turn to the Facebook app for checking in and reviewing my friend list.

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Unfortunetly, it is the one I keep coming back to for accessing my Facebook. I've tried many different Facebook replacements but I can't seem to find a perfect solution all in one like the original Facebook as to offer. So I primaryly use the Facebook app myself for everything. It has improved a bit more than what it has been in the past. For the most part it works. It is not for the faint of heart. I would say it is accessible if you ware willing to put up with some quirks in it. For being able to check in, upload photos, post a status, liking a comment, posting to a comment, checking your requests, check your privacy settings, being able to jump in to groups and other things. I found it to be alright. None of the other apps I've tried can do all of those things. So if you are a heavy user than I recommend this app. Some may like Focus because it is very simple in being able to read things but really lacks anything else. Now I am hoping and that is a BIG hope. Is that when IOS 6 comes out with the built-in Facebook integration that things will be a whole lot easier. Knowing Apple and what they have done in the past. We should see a huge improvement in Facebook. So let's cross our fingers on that! ;)