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OK, this might be a little difficult to explain… Originally when I read comments on a post, it would start out with the persons name and comment… Then I would flick right, and it would say the persons name again, then I would flick right again, and it would have the like button… Seems like a week or two ago, I could just flick right, and it would show the person's name and a comment only, then I could flick right each time to hear a different comment, without hearing the person's name or like button in between… I like that way much better, But it's back to the original way… Is this just a setting that I accidentally changed? If so, where can I find it? And or is this just an update thing? If you need to know, I have the latest version of Facebook and I OS 9.2, on an iPhone 6 Plus... Thanks for any help…



Submitted by Brad on Monday, January 11, 2016

OK, this is weird… After I posted this, I went back to Facebook, and the comments were back to the way I like them… I didn't change anything though… What the crap?

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