facebook birthdays

iOS and iPadOS

Hi all!
I'm running the latest version of the Fb. act. My question is how to find the birthdays. I'm looking in my events & don't see them on my calendar. How can I see my birthdays?
I don't even see a tab in the events section for them. Thanks in advance!



Submitted by Bingo Little on Thursday, July 18, 2019


They're under the tab called hosting. No, I don't understand that either!

There was a time when facebook used to send birthday notificaitons. I found those very useful, but they have now stopped even though I have made it as clear I can in settings that I want them. I've discussed this on another thread and it appears nobody has any idea how to sort it, but I thouht this was as good a thread as any to ask the question again in the hope of something: can I get these birthday notifications back at all?