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Hello everyone. After viewing the apps directory on here, I have seen people recommending various facebook apps,and different comments about the accessibility of the facebook app. My question is, which is the most accessible facebook app for IOS? I'd rather not use 3 to 4 apps just to do simple things,though. And which twitter app would you guys recommend for basic tweeting and viewing tweets? I don't muck about with facebook and twitter and such,however recently I have been getting bored and it seems like most everyone is on facebook,so why not recreate my account and give it a go. Thanks.



Submitted by Thomas Byskov … on Friday, March 29, 2013

Hi. I would say that you can use: The official twitter-app or Tweetlist. THe normal twitter app should work just fine, if you don't have more than one account. I use Tweetlist personally due to the fact that it works better when you have to check two acounts without logging in and out. So it depends on taste, I suppose. Regarding Facebook I used Facely HD, but I went back to the official Facebook app, which I use sometimes. HOwever, must of the time, I use the mobile site at: http://m.facebook.com since I find it way easier to use when I have a braille display connected.

Submitted by Dave Nason on Friday, March 29, 2013

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Hi. For Facebook, the official Facebook app is probably the best way to go in my experience. There are one or two accessibility quirks, but overall it's very usable and works pretty well for me. If you want something very simple then Echofon for Facebook 2.0 isn't bad, but it is missing some features. As for Twitter, I personally don't like the official Twitter app at all. I don't like how things are laid out etc. It can be used though. I love Tweetlist Pro myself. It's completely accessible, laid out logically, simple to use and fully featured. A lot of people seem to like Twitterific 5 as well. Enjoy.

Submitted by Mike Taylor on Friday, March 29, 2013

hi, i would say it depends if you are bothered about receiving push notifications or not. If you are not and just want access to the functions such as to be able to like a comment on facebook, or to retweet a post on twitter, I would go with focus for facebook, and twitteriffic for twitter. focus is simple and very accessible in my view, although I use the standard Facebook app so that I can get push notifications, otherwise I just wouldn't bother with the Facebook one at all, although it has to be said from an accessibility point that Facebook are slowly increasing the accessibility of their app. On the other hand i suggested twitteriffic as it is very accessible, simple to use, and the recent update includes push notifications. i should say that I have tried tweetlist as well, and it is very comprehensive and accessible. It's just that twitteriffic is my preferred app. Hope that helps. mike

Submitted by falcon wings on Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ahoy all. Thanks for all the suggestions. I would prefer to have push notifications,however the most importent feature for me would be the fb chat. do any of those facebook apps allow us to chat with other people that are online? I will try the twitterific app and the oficial twitter app. I'd try tweetlist too,but from what I have read,it doesn't sound like I'd like it much.I only use one account as strange as that is,so it should be alright. I'll try those apps and let you know how it went.