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I follow lots of publications on Facebook (NPR, Rolling Stone, Forbes, etc) that frequently post articles to the feed. Lately if such a source shares several articles in a short period of time, Facebook groups them into one item that VoiceOver announces as something like, "Rolling Stone shared 15 updates." Double tapping on this does nothing, but I can't single finger swipe up or down to get to the "view 14 more" action, and activating this takes you into the cluster of posts where you can read through and interact with them as normal. While I would notice this grouping behavior occasionally in the past, now it is happening consistently, with clusters of sometimes 20 to 30 posts. This creates a really unpleasant feed browsing experience, as I don't want to have to go through extra steps to get to this separate screen with nothing but a bunch of posts by that one publication. This first started yesterday afternoon, so I decided to update to their latest version but this weird behavior still persists. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there perhaps a setting somewhere that I can turn this off? Thanks



Submitted by Troy on Saturday, July 2, 2016

I've also notice this occasional behavior with friend's posts, however it's happening on the pc as well so I don't think it's vo related. I use the mobile site on the pc.

Hi Troy. I understand its not VO related but it makes navigating the news feed very cumbersome using VO. Hoping their algorithm is just acting up and it will work itself out

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