Face time and iMessage no longer work on my iPod touch 4th generation

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Hi. Subject line pretty much tells the story but i'll clarify a bit. When I first got my iPod touch back in March I was able to use iMessage, and face time occasionally when someone called me using that. I noticed that it hadn't been working lately so I opened up the iMessage app and was met with the welcome screen, asking me to sign in using my apple ID and password, which I did. I clicked next and was met with another screen asking me if that was the email address I wanted to use, which it was. So I clicked next and the next screen said it was verifying my email address, which is where the trouble starts. It The next screen contains a message saying that my email address could not be verified, and an email with a link would be sent to the above address. But that email never shows up. and yes I even checked my junk folder in Thunderbird, which is my email program. I've tried the process a few times, always with the same results. I did a google search on the problem, and everyone else I found with the problem never got an answer either. So, is there a fix for this issue? I'm not exactly sure when the problem started but i'd like to fix it if possible.



Submitted by Shersey on Monday, August 27, 2012

I'd give Apple a call if I were you--their tech support staff is very friendly! When you do get this resolved, can you post back here telling us of the solution? I'm curious to know what went wrong. It would also be very useful should anyone experience this kind of behavior from their iDevice in the future. Thanks, Shersey

I did hear from a couple other people that facetime and iMessage weren't working on other people's iPods, so it is looking like it's an issue on apple's end and we just have to wait for them to fix it. I'm the kind of guy who likes to get confirmation of something by asking other people. You wouldn't believe how many hours i've spent on the phone going through those ridiculously complicated phone trees, trying to get to the right person, only to find out in about 2 minutes that it's on their end and they're working on it. So, I'll keep trying occasionally and i'll let you guys know what happens for sure. I'm still interested to see if anyone else is experiencing the problem so that if I do have to go the tech support route, i can tell them that more than one person is experiencing the issue. Thanks!

Submitted by Toonhead on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, I can't explain exactly why, but iMessage is working again. Facetime isn't but I don't use it that much so I'm not quite as concerned. The fix seems to be of all things because of a password change I did on my apple ID. I had a wild idea that it might be password-related, so I went and changed my password, and then went into iMessage and iCloud and updated my password, and wouldn't you know it, iMessage now lets me log in and see my contacts and works again. Like I said above, Facetime is still broken but i'm not as concerned about that. So, if anyone else runs into this issue, just change your password to your apple ID, and then make sure to change it in the settings on your iDevice too when it asks you to log in. I can't explain how or why it works but there you have it.

Submitted by Reedinfo on Thursday, March 21, 2013

I tried logging out of everything and back in. I was about to Reset the whole IPOD. I tried calling Apple Support off a google search of Ipod support but whoever or whatever affiliate wanted $45 - $99 / year for technical support. I told them no thank you, I'd try another way. I googled my specific problem and there were several similar results for this issue. The following solution came in part from an Iphone response for the same type of issue but worked for my IPod 4g. I logged out of Itunes before I took the following steps but I don't know that it is necessary. Go to Settings>General>Time&Date and make sure it is set to Automatic - Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. You will have to reenter all network passwords. Log back into Imessage and Facetime. Good Luck