Extremely weird bug with files app iOs 15

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I got my brand new SE 2020 as an early Christmas gift, it's perfect, since my 8 was conking out on me. Anyway, I hadn't updated the 8 to iOs 15, but the SE 2020 came with 15 on it. I notice a weird storage bug in the files app. I have a 64 gb model, but when I go into the files app under on my iPhone on the SE 2020, it says I have 90 gb available. How is that possible? Neither this phone nor the iPhone 8 from which I restored the backup were more than 64 gb. Is this misreporting of size a bug with the files app in iOs 15?



Submitted by Edward Louie on Sunday, October 31, 2021

This is most likely an iCloud storage, you probably have the 200 GB planned

Submitted by Moopie Curran on Sunday, October 31, 2021

Nope, it's not iCloud, because I'm going under the section where it says "on my iPhone". When I go under iCloud, it says "20 items, 195.4 gb available on iCloud". And when I go under the "on my iPhone" section, it says "5 items, 90.1 gb available". When I go under iPhone storage, it says it's a 64 gb device. It's super weird, but as long as it won't have any adverse impacts, I'd rather not fight with a restore.

Submitted by Brian Giles on Sunday, October 31, 2021

Yep. This is a bug with 15. The 15.1 update fixed it for me. Just had to wait a bit for my phone to recalculate the available and used storage.

On my 64 GB iPhone SE, it says 23 items, 84.76 GB available, on my 32 GB iPhone 7, it says, three items, 42.83 GB available. I know someone with an iPhone XS 256 GB, and they say they have the problem like this, it said 11 items, 482.75 GB available. When I upgraded all my devices, it is normal, on my iPhone SE, it says 23.5 GB available, on my iPhone 12 mini, it says I have 209 GB available out of 256. On my iPhone 7, it says I have 3.5 GB available, which is normal.