Extra Speech on Device Start -Up

iOS & iPadOS
Over the last couple of days I've noticed some extra speech when I turn on my device. Unfortunately I'm unable to decipher what it actually says. Normally Voice Over will come on and announce the time. Now, either just before the time or just after, Voice Over says something that sounds like "unmuted", but as I say, I can't be 100% sure of that! Has anyone else noticed this extra little piece of speech creeping in? And, more importantly, does anyone know what it refers to and why it may have started? A small thing, yes, but it is bugging me! Using iOS6 on a 4th Generation Touch.



Submitted by alex wallis on Friday, October 19, 2012

Hi, Is your iPhone jailbroken? If so, do you have a tweak installed called beekeyboard? I found that this tweak although very useful as it lets you set up keyboard shortcuts for a bluetooth keyboard, causes the behaviour you describe, and VoiceOver says unmuted usually when the bluetooth is toggled or a device connects via bluetooth, the phone also said unmuted without fail whenever I turned the phone on. I told the author about the problem, but he had no idea what the problem might be. I found that removing this particular tweak for me fixed the problem. If none of the above is true in your case, it sounds like an underlying VoiceOver issue exists that needs fixing, and it would be worth you contacting apple accessibility. If you want to fix the issue only solution I can suggest is restoring your phone.

Submitted by Bahzad on Friday, October 19, 2012

I sometimes encounter the same circumstance, but I can surmise why it's happening to me. In your case, though, I'm uncertain. I use an iPhone, which has a switch on the left that allows people to mute or unmute the noises it produces. I normally have my phone unmuted, therefore mine may say "unmuted" when I start it because it is indeed unmuted. From what I heard, there isn't a switch on the iPod, thus I don't know where the problem may be coming from. Perhaps there's a mute and unmute feature that is built into the product or something.

Yes it is indeed saying unmuted. If this is happening on an iPod though I would report this to apple by emailing accessibility@apple.com good luck.