external links in the Gmail app no-longer open on my IPhone 6s

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hello everyone hope you and your loved-ones are keeping safe.

I decided to weight to post here but I can't figure out the reason for it.
I read a lot of blogs and I don't have a wordpress account. so naturally I have subscribed to them via my Gmail account. now when I click on read more on an email containing the post, google opens but not the link. in fact, up untill IOS 14, it always use to ask me open with and I'd choose Safari. but it no-longer asks me and opens google and nothing else. I think its a bug but not sure.
steps to reproduce:
1. make Gmail app as your default.
2. open an email containing a link.. such as an applevis blog post or any blog post from any blogger which has a link in the email.
3. double tap on the link.
google app opens for me when I do the above steps. no link opens.

do report back what happens for you. this bug is highly irritating if its a bug.
it might be that some settings have changed so if it is so do let me know.
thank you.



Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Monday, October 19, 2020

As you can now choose which apps you can open links within most email/web clients, ya may need to set that up in iOS's Settings App.

Submitted by Khushi on Sunday, October 25, 2020

does anyone know how to go about it?
I have not been able to read blog posts on my ohone unless I open the blog website and find the post I want to read in safari. it is very annoying.
please do let me know if its a bug or I'm doing anything wrong.
I have not checked what happens after the recent update to Gmail which had the icon changing but will check and let you know.

Submitted by DMNagel on Sunday, October 25, 2020

Go to settings, double tap on your name and then double tap on the Name, Phone Numbers, Email button. Edit your contact info and add it there.

Submitted by Khushi on Monday, October 26, 2020

In reply to by DMNagel

thanks for the reply.
but the account is already added.
I was able to open links in the Gmail app successfully up untill IOS 14. when IOS 14 came and google updated Gmail I made it my default app.
I'd suggest you or anyone on this website try the steps given above and report back what happens.
thank you.

Submitted by Khushi on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

hey everyone
I'm using IOS 14.2 and this issue is still there.
can anyone from the applevis team or from the community try to reproduce the issue and update what happens? also if there is any fix please, please do let me know.. this issue is really, very irritating.
thank you so, so much, your kind help will be appreciated.