Envision AI versus Supersense?

iOS and iPadOS

I'm trying to compare Envision AI and Supersense to see which one I want to pay for and use, can anybody give me a rundown of what each app does well and if there's anything one app can do that the other can't at this point?




Submitted by Troy B on Friday, May 7, 2021

The reason I'm looking at Envision AI and Supersense is for their object recognition and being able to scan an area for a chair, table, etc. I don't think seeing AI has that capability. Of course I'd be using the app for other things as well.

I wasn't using them for anything like that. I'll be super interested to hear what other people have to say.

For doing those sorts of things, I'm going to bite the bullet and get an iPhone Pro this year - I think it is time to give Lidar a try.

I beleive there is Super Lidar.

Submitted by Squirrel on Monday, May 10, 2021

Having used both, I wouldn't recommend either as being worth paying for. Their text recognition in particular has been shockingly slow and poor for me on an iPhone 12 Pro. Most of their other tools have also generally been underwhelming.

The best experience I've been able to obtain is from the combination of Seeing AI for small amounts of text like envelopes and packet labels, Voice Dream Scanner for document scanning, and the native Magnifier app for scene description.

Voice Dream Scanner in particular is an app that I can't recommend highly enough. It simply works.

SeeingAssistant Home is another app that offers a suite of tools. I would say that it's at least comparable to Envision and Supersense, although I haven't used it enough to say if it is in fact better. One thing it lacks is scene description, but I've personally still to find any app which does this to a standard where it's something I use regularly.

Good luck, and do let us know your own experience if you do go with one of these apps.