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I have an iPhone 5s with IOS 9.3.4 installed. I use Hearing aids but also sometimes the audio headsets provided with the iPhone. In both cases, I can hear audio from the iPhone. Even if the overall quality of the sound is correct, the sound is always the same in both ears. I would like to know if somebody else is experincing the same problem and if yoy have a solution.

For exemple, even with the standard headset, when I try to play audio Archery, I do not sense left right movement with the target.

I seem to get this this problem after I bought my iPhone 5s two years ago. At this moment, i bought also a waterprrof case. There is a screw that insert int the audio jack to prevent water to enter. Could it be the reason. I had a iPhone 4s before. Audio Archery was working fine with audio headset.

I tried to find a setting that would enable stereo or mono sound output. I did not find any. I found a setting to control the left right balance. The balance is 50% in both sides.

If you have suggestions, i would appreciate very much.



Submitted by musicman on Sunday, August 7, 2016

ok. Open settings, general, accessibility. Look for an option called Mono Audio, and toggle that to the off position. it's under the hearing heading. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the answer. First, I would like to confirm that the setting that you mentionned is entitled «Audio Mono». There is no other setting that fit your advice. It's currently disabled. So, I presume that it means that the audio is in stereo mode.

I tried again this morning with Audio Archery. It does not seem to make any difference, one way or the other. I mean that the application does not uses left/right balance. I tried also with another Application named Autour, available in Canada. It works like a radar and gives points of interest in a given radius. It's supposed to list a POI on my right in the right earpiece. With the standard headset, it seems to work. However, it does not work with my hearing aids. Those use a Bluetooth receptor which receive the signal from the iPhone and transmit it to the hearing aids. In this case the sound seems to be identical in both earpieces.

I would have liked to be able to play games using my hearing aids instead of a headset.

Thanks anyway.

Submitted by Jake on Monday, August 8, 2016

With regard to your hearing aids, contact the manufacturer to see if their Bluetooth function supports stereo audio. Many do not. I don't know why, but a lot of hearing aid companies seem to think stereo audio is unimportant; this is a little bit odd when you consider the purpose of hearing aids in the first place. If yours don't support stereo Bluetooth audio, then I'm afraid you're out of luck. The phone isn't sending mono audio, rather your hearing aids themselves are taking the stereo signal and converting it to mono. In this case, it's out of iOS' control.

Submitted by Louis on Monday, August 8, 2016

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I wil ask the specialist that provided me with the hearing aids. Your explanation is certainly what is happening.