Emoji Replacements on the Roter with IOS 13

iOS & iPadOS

I had been using the beta release on IOS 13. When in a message and flicking to Emojis I could turn the roter until I hear it say Emoji Replacements Available.

Now I'm on the beta of IOS 13.1 which came out on Friday 20 I do not have this option on the roter anymore.

Has anybody else found this bug?

Otherwise I have found IOS 13.1 is working very well with voice-over.

Thank you



Submitted by Oliver Kennett on Sunday, September 22, 2019

Works for me on 13 1. Remember you have to switch the keyboard before you get the option in the rotor. Also, it's not system wide, ie, it doesn't work in whatsapp as far as I can tell. Neither does it seem to work in safari. I tested in messages.