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Hello, how is everybody today? I am not sure if this is an iPhone 5 problem or not and if it isn't, then please let me know. I have my Gmail running through my phone and I have noticed that a lot of messages, especially certain ones on the listserv I am subscribed to, are not showing up in my inbox. Also some emails from our research panel I am part of our not showing up. They used to but now they don't. Yesterday I went into my junk folder and found that all these messages that I haven't been getting in my inbox are going straight to junk. What can I do about this from the iPhone side? Thanks in advance, Jesse Tregarthen



Submitted by dvdmth on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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You can move the messages out of the junk folder and into your in box. To do this, select the message, then look for the move button while viewing the message. Select in box in the list of options. Do this for each message you don't consider to be junk.

I am not a gmail user, but typically email services will keep track of what you flag as junk and will become better over time. You let the service know a message is junk by moving it to the junk folder, and you let it know a message is not junk by moving it to another folder, such as the in box. Since gmail uses IMAP, the way you organize your messages is kept on the server, not on your local device, so if it's in the junk folder on your device, it is also in the junk folder on the gmail server.

Submitted by Jesse Tregarthen on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello and thank you for your information. Some of those it would be nice for them to go to my inbox. Such as the research panel I am on. I thought that they weren't doing surveys anymore but it turns out they were I could've been participating in all of these. Thanks again. Kindest regards, Jesse Tregarthen