Email Dilemma

iOS & iPadOS

Hi all,
I have my Outlook email on my phone and the computer. I have two messages. And each time I try to flick up to delete them from my phone (which sends them to the Trash folder), I get a notification that the message cannot be moved to that folder. I no longer have these messages on my computer. So, how can I get them off my phone? Thank you.



Submitted by Louise on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I had an email stuck on my phone for months before figuring this out. Try going into your settings under Accounts and Passwords, and in your email account, just turn mail off and then back on again. Don't remove the account, just turn off and on mail. That's what worked for me. Good luck.

Submitted by gailisaiah on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Thanks so much, Louise! That did it. I went back in to my inbox and both messages were gone. Would have never thought about that solution. Thanks again.