editing regions in garageband

iOS & iPadOS

hi, i started using gb about a month ago and ran into some problems. wrote to accessibility@apple.com but no reply. could be because of my english, i apologize. below is the email i sent them. hope to get some help. thank you.
hi, i am a totally blind garageband user on iphone11. i would appriciate some guidance to the problems i have, especially working with regions. thank you.
1, i need to change a few notes on my bass track at different parts of the file in my 5 tracks project. please show me how to select that particular note on my bass track with voiceover.
2, when recording external instruments, how do i block up a certain part of the track to punch in instead of using it like a manual tape recorder having to stop before the wanted parts come in?
3, how to tream the beginning and end of the file?
4. i discovered by chance that there are some voiceover accessibility Features built in, like the tracks rotor when i was mixing and the direct touch on/off rotor only after i am done struggling playing bass on a flat screen. can you send me the full voiceover commands for garageband for iphone?
thanks in advance for any help you can give me to make my work more efficient.