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Hi, I am facing problem while writing and replying e-mails with Voice over. Whenever, I've tried to write any e-mail or reply to anyone my focus is lost and the text written on the other part of message body, means its writing sequence braked. I want to know how I can handle focus line by line while writing or replying e-mail ? Also, When I've finished write text I want to know how I can read it before sending ? Help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hi Could be couple reasons why What iOS version are you runing

Submitted by faraz qureshi on Thursday, November 21, 2013

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I am using IOS 7.04 latest on my iphone 4s. also, I am anoying that when I replied to any text message after writing reply I cannot able to check it. I hover my fingre to read message but it only read the message tital and message box and dont read my replied message so i can check and send.

Submitted by Isaac Hebert (not verified) on Thursday, November 21, 2013

You can switch the rotor to lines then swipe up and down to read line by line.

Submitted by MarkSARCH on Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Hi Faraz sorry for the late reply. okay in iOS7 I have seen this voiceover bug or where ever you want to called, not only show it up on mail if not writing some text message or some text on safari and third party apps too. dot's y I asked you what iOS version you are running. this bug when voiceOver focus jump to other part of the text is very little notable on iOS6 too but only seen mail app. the following suggestion could help usually voiceOver focus jump to other part of the text because accidently touch the screen out side from the keyboard, if you try don't get out from the keyboard voiceOver doesn't jump other part of the text. if you seen last rose of the keyboard Starting from top to bottom is begin with the letter Q and end with P or if you have activated numbers 1 to 0 try don't touch out side from this rose. and could help allot to you. so even to read what text have you wrote try draw you finger close to the subject unfortunally using the rotor feature doesn't allow read by lines but you can read by words and characters. as you have running iOS7 try listen the podcast who I submited recently and may could get the new mail feature on the laters iOS version. http://www.applevis.com/podcast/episodes/using-actions-menu-voiceover-rotor-quickly-access-options-ios-messages-and-mail. I hope this helps for you.

Submitted by faraz qureshi on Friday, November 22, 2013

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Hi Marco, Thanks for your effective reply. As I've already write you that I am new user of Iphone please do let me know about shortkeys which we can use on safari to navigate around ? Whenever, I used safari its very hard for me to navigate around as the text shown on safari very closer to other texts and to flip fingre can missed many links and texts. moreover, I want to know the short key how we can jump to edit fields to write usernames and passwords etc ? and how we can use drop down manue to select itams on webpage on safari ? Help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Marco, The podcast link isnt working when I click on this link from my windows machine its shows me message "the link is out of date or erase by website" I dont know how to use podcast from iphone.