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Hello, all. I need to do a significant amount of transcribing, and, though I am a rather fast typist, I would prefer to dictate. The problem I have with Apple's native dictation feature is the fact that one can only dictate for 30 seconds and then runs out of time.

I am wondering two things about Dragon Dictate. I know there have been accessibility issues, and I am wondering if anyone has tried the program recently. Second, I am wondering if one can dictate for a longer period than 30 seconds with dragon.

Thanks for any help you can give me.



Submitted by Tim Hornik on Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just wondering the same question about the usefulness of Dragon on Mac? I Recently I have received a question about an individual who lost complete functioning in one hand, and is looking for a screen reader and dictation combo. I am familiar with Speakable items and Dictation on the Mac, but wondering if Dragon has improved enough on the Mac to warrant this route over Apple's integrated services.

Submitted by Usman on Sunday, January 18, 2015

I believe if you enable enhance dictation, you can dictate longer than 30 seconds.

Submitted by Luckydavid on Friday, February 20, 2015

In reply to by Tim Hornik

I have a family member who is blind and we are having a hard time getting Dragon Dictate and VoiceOver to not step on each other. VoiceOver works well when using the keyboard, but when you open Dictate is starts "hearing" VoiceOver and things get messy very quickly. If VoiceOver is turned off right after opening Dragon Dictate, and turned back on when done using Dictate, it sort of works. The problem is that for straight dictation Dictate is better, far more accurate really. VoiceOver and "OSX Dictation" only do so much.

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