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Hello all:

I've run into a strange problem. I am running the latest iOS on my IPhone 6 and am not sure why this has happened.
The ringtones that I have purchased have dooplicate copies. I went through a restore with an accessibility representative tonight and we set up the phone as new. We signed in with my info without putting apps on or anything else. When we went into settings, sounds, and I double tapped the default ringtone, I scrolled all the way up to the top and double tapped download all ringtones. Ok, fine! Everything shows up as a single tone. But, when I put my entire ICloud back up back on to the phone, the dooplicates reappeared. Now, I'd like to point out that I only needed one ringtone because it was missing. Instead, it made dooplicates of five ringtones that I have. I have spoken to one other friend and they said they saw the same behavior. I'm about to pull out all of my hair! I don't want to restore the phone as new, then redownload ringtones because some of them are custome and I don't feel like dragging them and then reassigning them to contacts. I don't feel like signing into apps either.
My question is this.
Is their a way to just take off the dooplicates and then make an ICloud back up to ITunes, and ICloud itself?
I think the download all ringtones option is broken.



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Monday, April 2, 2018

I encountered the very same problem, but I didn't need to restore my iPhone, otherwise, so didn't do that step.
This happened to me when they revamped the ringtones download all feature. Here is what I did.

Sync your phone to iTunes. After sync is complete, then locate the ringtones icon from the list of options seen on iTunes PC side. Then navigate to the complete list of ringtones shown and delete the undesired tones. If you need to add some, you can do this here. If necessary, go to the Tones icon found in My Music, iTunes, iTunes Media, Tones. Simply copy and paste any missing ringtones over to the iTunes list inside the app itself.

After you have finished deleting and/or pasteing your ringtones, complete another sync. This should solve the problem.

I completed the above steps and was successful in getting rid of all but one ringtone. Uncertain why I can't get rid of that specific duplication, but I was able to otherwise clean up the mess.


Submitted by themusicman08 on Monday, April 2, 2018

I will try these steps even though I am on a Mack machine. This should still work.

Submitted by Socheat on Tuesday, April 3, 2018


If for some reasons, you cannot manage the thing through iTunes, you could also use an app called iTools pro. It does available on Mac, and pretty accessible. I have used this app in the past and I can delete my duplicate ringtones successfully with this app.

Submitted by themusicman08 on Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Their is one small problem with that. These are on the phone and none of the ring tones are showing up in ITunes since ITunes has changed how ring tones are saved. Plus, I don't have that kind of money for that app right now.