Does someone know a program tu donwload mp3 audio of videos from youtube?

iOS & iPadOS

Hello everyone,
do you know a trhustly program which allows to download the audio in aApple format or mp3 from a video posted on Youtube?. It would be good for Iphone, for Mac or for both of them.
many thanks in advance.



Submitted by HEXAGON on Monday, March 30, 2020

You can use this app to download the video:

You first have to download the video itself before you can convert it into a MP3 file. To download a video, go to the browser, open, search for a video, open it, and enable sound. After that, tap on "start download" followed by "done". Once downloaded a video, hold down the finger (haptic touch) and select "convert in audio (MP3)" from the menu. Now you can share the file with other apps or listen to it in Amerigo.

Submitted by X2 on Monday, March 30, 2020

Hi Maria,
I don’t use apps to convert but I do use a website. It’s called
You just copy the youtube video link And paste it into the edit box. Then just press convert and wait for it to load. Once it does that, They’ll be a link to download it. Press this and it’ll ask you if you want to download it. Just confirm and you’re done. Note, any file you download go straight to your Files app. What I like about this, is that when you download on your phone, since it goes to the Files app, those files that you downloaded also appear in the recents folder on your Mac. And yes, this website is voiceover friendly.

Goodmorning everyone,
I wrote the Downnie developper and he told me that that app is not on Apple Store because it should be approved by Apple and to be according to their rules. So the fact that this person doesn't want it make me unthrust in that app, I would really prefer something approved by Apple to be isntalled in my Apple devices.
And what about this Youtube DL about hou talk in your message?, has youtube a tool to do it?, can I install youtube on the Mac as well without problem?, do you know something about this YOutube DL?.
I would like a sogtware approved by Apple, although iI have to pay, and the same Apple, hasn't anything about it?.
Many thanks and have a nice day.

Submitted by matt on Thursday, April 2, 2020

unfortunately it's very unlikely that you will find one that is approved by Apple due to the copyright infringements that the app can promote. Nothing that rips video off the net will ever make it to the App Store. Thats not to say that other apps that aren't approved by apple won't work for you.