Does the iPhone 6Plus Have A Mind Of Its Own?

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I have had two other iPhones, the 4 and 4S. Other than a learning curve, I have had no real problem.

I am now using my third iPhone 6Plus, and the problems have been present in all three phones.

First, I can be typing, browsing, doing about anything on the phone, when suddenly audio will start to play,totally without warning.

I thought this might have been do to my body heat as I leaned too close, or my fingers became too near the screen. Then, one day I was in another room of the house using my bluetooth headset, when the music started, again without warning. I had removed the one song from my phone to avoid this, but obviously this only allowed radio apps to launch.

A rep at AppleCare suggested I do a factory restore of the phone, rather than restore from the latest backup from my old phone, in the thought the backup might have been corrupted. This made no difference. This was Phone Number 3, but I have had the same issue with the two others.

Also, I find that, when I have the phone plugged in and am using the headphone jack, the sound cuts out if I'm holding the phone. It takes some jiggling to bring back the connection. I am wondering if the thinness of this model has made the jacks weak.

I believe I'm very careful with my equipment, or at least try to use caution; but this situation is causing me to feel a little bit unsure; and I almost hate to admit I'm on my third phone, thanks to the Apple Care plan.

Does anyone have any ideas for me? I'm feeling a bit accident-prone right now.



Submitted by DPinWI on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Are you sure it's not the headsets? They sound like the constant in the situation.

Submitted by Pam Drake on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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I doubt the headsets are involved. When I use them with other equipment there there are no problems. I have four bluetooth headsets and a plug-in pillow speaker. Yes, the pillow speaker is plugged in when the problem occurs, but of course the jack is involved. I keep the speaker plugged in to avoid startling my spouse out of a sound sleep if the bluetooth battery dies. I also am able to restore the sound by tapping on the screen, and if I place the phone on the nighttable the problem goes away. That's why I think the jack is involved. I had the same problem with my last phone. All three phones have had the problem of sudden music play.

Submitted by david s on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I suspect it’s an app issue. After you did a factory restoer, did you install all your apps right away?

The common things here are the iPhone, headsets, and apps.

Something you can try is to do a factory restore and do not install any apps for a couple of days. Use your headsets but stay with the stock apps and see if the problem occurs. If the problem does not occur, install an app and test for a day. Repeat cycle until all your aps are installed. It’s a lot of work but this is how you’ll find the culprit.

HTH and good luck.

Well, it doesn't solve anything; but at least my confidence in my competence is restored. I suppose I should be lucky it isn't tagging anyone or calling 911 at 3:00 AM. Unfortunately, this brings me back to the question of what to do!

When I went to the Apple Store in Fresno with my old phone they told me they could not repair the jack, and gave me a new phone.  I've used up two glass screen protectors; and am thinking I should not open the new one till I decide whether I'm going to keep this phone. 


I will call Apple, tell them of the forum info about haunted phones, and see if they want to send me yet another phone.  How many phones can one go through during the lifetime of an Apple Care contract?  <sigh>  <lol> 


Thanks for checking this and restoring my confidence. 

Submitted by Pam Drake on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Since my last post, I have re-installed from factory default, and added apps slowly after a day or two wait. I haven't installed most apps, just those I use on a regular basis. I have continued to have similar problems, and am beginning to believe my own body heat may be causing me problems. In other words, I have noticed a few situations when, by merely brushing the side of the phone with my hand, not even touching the keyboard, music has been launched, I have been booted out of apps, which I guess constitutes a crash, or the phone has locked even as I have been working in an app. This latest started when, on the advice of the Apple Accessibility representative, I set Screen Lock to "Never". The rep believes I need to ahve someone work with me on VoiceOver. Though I never had problems before, perhaps someone who knows VO well can help determine whether my finger pressure or movements, or just nearness of my hand to the screen, may be causing these problems. I truly wonder if the fact the 6Plus is so much thinner means I need to adjust my hand pressure. Just Sunday I lingered a bit too long on the keyboard while trying to enter an item in my bank app, and an unwanted selection was triggered, forcing me to go back and repeat a series of strokes. I think I'll ask Apple reps if they have any further ideas; but if I am given yet another phone I'll try to make the very best of it. Unless anyone has any other ideas, I will keep the Thursday afternoon appointment, and see what, if anything, I can accomplish.

Submitted by david s on Wednesday, August 19, 2015


When you make an appointment for the genius bar, be sure to ask for someone that specializes with accessability. In addition to being familiar with the features, this person will also be able to spend more time with you. Also bring any accessories you use often to make sure they work as well.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I don't know if this would work or not, but try getting a case for the 6 plus. I've got a battery case on my 5s and it thickens up the phone's fingerprint a lot, so I can hold it strongly with two fingers, thumb and index naturally wrap around the case a little bit. It might be the fact that the 6 plus is so thin on twhere your fingers are that it triggers something on the screen.
HTH and god luck

Submitted by Pam Drake on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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I will take the three pairs of headphones I have been using. I haven't used any other accessories on the 6Plyuses.

Theadvisor at Apple said she would be glad to speak with the people at the Fresno Store to see I found someone versed in accessibility. I have been playing phone tag with her and doing most correspondence by mail, but she listed my case number as the reason for the visit, so I believe she will have either given them her notes or spoken to someone. I would have to pick a time when the lady, who has been most dedicated, is in training half of each day. I'll try to call her tomorrow to let her know I'm definitely going. She made the appointment when she saw it; as I had had such trouble getting one regarding the Macbook.

Submitted by Pam Drake on Thursday, August 20, 2015

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I bought a case the day I went to the AT&T Store with my first unlocked 6Plus. It's a simple hase, a very hard plastic one that fits the phone tightly. It has no snaps, straps, or handles. Perhaps I could have gotten a different type, but I was told that it is stronger than the Otter Boxes I have for the other phones, the 4 and 4S. I found that, over time, the silicone covering around the headphone jack tore, and, with the 4S, even the plastic cracked. Truly, I don't believe I'm hard on my equipment, but I decided to try this other case. I can't recall its name right now. Even with the case, my hand, sometimes even the side of my hand, brushes the keyboard, causing unwanted strokes. I recently bought a case with a holster, but haven't put the phone in yet. Nor have I installed the glass screen cover and Speeddots, as I have already had to remove two tempered glass protectors, rendering them useless. When I finally attach the protectors to this or another phone, I hope, and believe, this may help. I think if I do get another phone, I'll just accept it, however it behaves. I'm so glad Apple is so willing to honor the Apple Care contract; and damned glad I bought it! Thanks!

Submitted by Pam Drake on Thursday, August 20, 2015

The subject pretty much says it all. I had not been backing up the phone, on the possibility that the backups on both my computer and iCloud were corrupted. Now that I think we can safely say the backups weren't at fault, I'm wondering if I should restore the data. Unfortunately, I do have files and notes I can replace with effort, but would like to get them back from the backups if at all possible.

Is it possible to restore a phone with a backup not made on it? I have the 4, which isn't being used for data storage at the moment. I'm interested in the notes and memos contained in the backups, not the format of the data. I'd be willing to listen to the recorded notes and memos, or read the text from the restored older phone if this would work even temporarily.

I have often wondered if there is any way to capture individual files from an iPhone, most especially audio recordings I may want to transfer to another computer. Now is as good a time as any to ask that question alongside the backup issue.

Submitted by Justin on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Good that you use a case. I can understand the finger brushing the keyboard and unwanted characters being entered. Try changing the typing mode to standard typing. It sounds like you are using touch typing.
Also, you should be able to restore from older backups as long as they are still on your iTunes or iCloud. If you backup your new phone, I recommend doing it using the lightning cable and iTunes, as that seems to work for me the best.

Submitted by Pam Drake on Saturday, October 24, 2015

I admit I haven't gone to standard typing. That seems piteously slow to me, so I have avoided it. I never had to do it with the 4S.

In the meantime, however, I went to the Apple Store and got yet another phone, after they detected and fixed a problem with the camera.

Unfortunately, this area has few blind people, so I was referred to a technician who had little idea of accessibility. However, the lady I've been working with at Apple Accessibility, though she has tried her hardest, hasn't had much luck helping me.

I probably should have asked them to return the repaired phone to me. I forgot that the default screen lock was one minute, so when it happened I told the rep. I said I'd change the timeout time and try the phone again, but she said she'd rather give me another. I didn't know about the camera problems, so don't know, nor have I checked, to see if this current one is affected.

I have also tried slowing my typing, though this is difficult and doesn't seem to have brought much relief.

A couple of months have passed; and I have talked with Mehgap, who suggested I try practice mode. I could see no problem, nor did a sighted friend see any difficulty.

At the recent California Council Of The Blind convention I showed my phone to Louie Hererra, Chair of the CCB Technology Committee. He made some changes, including returning the lock to the five-minute setting, and a few other settings I don't recall.

It has been two weeks since I showed the phone to Louie. I have to say that nothing much has happened.

The phone still locks unexpectedly. The two fingerprints worked for about a week, but now the right index finger has failed me almost totally, and the left thumb has failed, though not as poften. It works about 99% of the time, but I've almost given up on the right index finger

Music doesn't launch as often as it did, but it still happens. Try as I may, I still register the occasional keystroke when I'm merely bumping the phone with the side of my hand.

I have hesitated to install yet another glass screen protector or dots, after losing two glass protectors.

I have not installed some of my apps, and have become weary of restoring the phone. I'm even weary of backing up, because I never know if a restore from a backup might cause more problems.

Unfortunately, I'm becoming more convinced that the problem is in my finger technique itself. After four phones, I can't help think it's my pressure on this thin phone.

I have also been wondering if the upgrade to IOS9, which I have dreaded because of my ongoing problems and publicly reported issues, might be good because of haptic touch. I dreaded that; but could it be that I could control my hand and finger movements in this way?

Having said all this, I'm beginning to wonder if it's time to have a serious consultation with Apple to see if, especially if I upgrade and find continuing problems, I should try to negotiate some type of trade to one of the newer phones. My phone was purchased unlocked from Apple, so there is no contract to buy out.

I've even thought of selling this phone to one of these resale companies or someone sighted, but Apple have been very helpful, and I'm still under the original warranty, or so I think. If not, I did purchase Apple Care.

I've heard from Allison Hartley on a Tech Doctor podcast that the newer 6Plus is heavier and the sides are stronger. Maybe this is what I need; and of course haptic touch would be part of the package.

I'd appreciate any thoughts. This is getting a bit old, and I will either have to tolerate what's going on, which I've been trying to do, or make a change.

thanks again to all for listening to this ongoing saga, and thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Submitted by david s on Saturday, October 24, 2015


If you feel your body heat or so is causing the problem, try getting an Otterbox Defender. With a Polycarbonate layer and an external silicon layer, the temperature around it will not matter. Also, use the included screen protector as the glass cover may trap some heat.

I am perplexed as to why the Apple store keeps replacing the phone instead of really finding out what the issue is. It’s a sign of poor troubleshooting on the part of the Apple employee.

HTH and good luck.