Does Google Play Books work well with VO?

iOS and iPadOS
Dear All, I contacted a USA publisher yesterday (I am in the UK) to ask whether they could send me an accessible version of one of their books so that I could access it using JAWS on my lap top. However, they said that they did not have an accessible MS Word, text or audio version but I could buy a digital version from the Google Play site. I have never used this application before, so I started by downloading the Google Play Books app. I had a quick play around with it and it does seem to be accessible with VO but has anyone used it before to access books? I will need to read the book in full, that is change pages easily, flip from chapter to chapter and part to part. Also, because this is an academic book and I need to dip in and out of different parts it really does need to be very accessible and be able to be learnt quickly. If anyone has had experience of this app I would be interested to hear about whether you found it easy to use? If not, is the MS Windows version any more accessible? Also, do you have to buy the book on a computer and transfer it to the app like other book apps like Audible and Kindle? Kind regards, Steve.



Submitted by Larry Thacker Jr. on Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The app works well enough, though I have not tried to use it for detailed text navigation. The one major drawback that has kept me from using it is that it won't automatically change pages. It doesn't read the text when you change pages either, so for each miniscule page (at least on a phone) you have to swipe, find the top of the text, and start it reading again. Before buying the book there I would make sure they don't have it in any of the other more accessible forms, iBooks, Kindle, or BN.