Does anyone know how to find the " symbol which voice-over calls the quotation mark symbol on the iOS keyboard

iOS & iPadOS

I regularly visit a website which requires me to enter a quotation mark symbol into an edit field.
The website used to do this automatically for me, but now requires me to do it manually.
The symbol I’m looking for looks like this "
I’ve tried a few other quotation mark symbols like these ‘’ and “” but they don’t seem to work.
Basically, I’m looking for a plane quotation Mark rather than single or double, open or closed quotation mark.
Does anyone know where to find it? ‘



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

It should be on your number pad. That's where I'ven seen the regular quotation mark. I've only seen the more alaborate ones on the symbols keypad.
If you don't see it there, I'd go into your keyboard settings, and disable key flicks. That's why I did it, because I like my old-school keypad thank you very much.
If you are looking for an apastrophe which Vo. calls a quotation mark for some odd reason, that's on the number pad as well. I checked on my number pad to be 100% sure, and the quotation marks are in the same row! Hope this helps! Good luck!