Does anyone know how to edit a drink item to order it on the Starbucks app?

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I can find drink items on the app, and it defaults to "Grande". However, I normally order a vente and see no way on the app to change or edit the drink, either to add or remove elements like adding an extra shot or changing the size of the drink. Does anyone know how to accomplish these tasks? Thank you.



Submitted by mendi on Friday, May 12, 2017

Yep, I do know just how to edit the beverages. I customize almost everything I order from there. So until this was accessible, I didn't use the app. You add the item to your order. Then, once it is there, double tap on it. It should bring up your item with the description, and it should include size, shot options, milk, etc. Double tapping any of these will populate a list of new options. So for example, where it says grande, double tap it, and then you should be able to flick to the other sizes. For things like milk, toppings, etc, you have to do the extra step of saving your selection.

Hope this helps. If for some reason it didn't make sense, feel free to ask for anything I missed.

Happy mobileordering!

Submitted by mendi on Friday, May 12, 2017

So you add the item to the order. And in your list of items you've added to said order, when you double tap one, it opens the screen to edit it. It doesn't say "edit," and the item doesn't indicate that's what it'll do, but trust me, if you, for example, have in your order a mocha, double tap the mocha, and the following screen should let you customize everything once you flick past description and such.

Submitted by mendi on Friday, May 12, 2017

Okay, I just played with the app, and on the review order screen, where it should take you once you double tap an item to add to order, it does in fact, if you have hints enabled, tell you to double tap to learn more or customize.

Thank you! I see it says: "Order item 1 ... I think that used to place the order immediately; I see now that it does let you customize it; thanks much!

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