dish network or directv any suggestions?

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I am thinking of picking up tv and was wondering peoples thoughts of accessability of dish or directv? I had time warner and there app is a joke and no one wants to update it reguardless how much I've tried.



Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hi Joe.
I don't know about the accessibility of dish or direct, as I don't use them. However if you can get it in your area, comcast xfinity is very nice. their X1 box is 99.9% accessible, and they have an app that lets you control the box just like your remote would. The X1 box provides spoken feedback to you thru the cvs speakers and you normally interact with it thru the remote that comes with the box. Like i said earlier, I don't know about the usability with dish or direct tv. as far as I know, you can punch in the numbers and figuree what channels you have by looking on there channel guide which is available on the site.
HTH and good luck.

Submitted by david s on Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I have AT&T Uverse. While it does not have a talking remote like Comcast, the apps are accessable.

Uverse app lets you watch recorded or live TV while on the go.
EZ remote is an app that will let you control all the receivers in your home. When you change the channel, it will tell you the channel number, station ID and a description of the show. This app will require some sighted assistance when you first set it up. Each TV reciver has a code that will neede to be entered into the app.
My AT&T app will allow you to view your account info, bill as well as make payments.

And if you bundle your TV, internet and home phone with AT&T, you can get a really good deal.

HTH and good luck.

Submitted by Jared on Thursday, August 25, 2016

You should be able to use Tivo with Time Warner. Tivo allows you to record and watch live TV. You can use the iOS app to brows the guide, set up recordings, and watch recordings on your TV. This setup is nice but not cheep. Instead of getting a cable box from Time Warner you will pay $199 to $599 depending on how nice of a Tivo you want, $15 a month for Tivo service, and something like $5 a month for a cable card Time Warner provides that will go in the Tivo. YOu will hook the Tivo box up to your TV. If you want to watch TV in multiple rooms you can pay $149 for each extra room and buy a Tivo Mini that will hook up to the main Tivo through ethernet or coax cable.

Submitted by Tj on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hello there,

I am a direct tv subscriber, and use their app frequently. You are able to view the guide, set up recordings, delete recordings, change channels, order pay per view, order and use on demand services, tell your genie to watch your recordings, all from the app. I have a genie and a genie mini, and I'm able, through the ap, to utilize the features I need to watch what I'd like or record what I'd like. IT's not the most accessible piece of software, but it is extremely usable once you understand it's quirks.

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