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Hi folks! The enhanced quality voices played a hide-and-seek with me today.
I decided to update using the DFU mode on the latest update of iOS 10.2. But it took me so long to get it normal. Let me tell you the story.
After getting the normal DFU thing done, I looked in my speech. Behold, all my enhanced voices are gone. All of them, except Samantha default and the robotic Fread. Note that I'm using an iPhone SE.
The way I got out of this mess was, I downgraded to iOS 10.1.1, using DFU, and then updated OTA to 10.2.
Now all my enhanced voices are back, and I can even use Siri voices. Not only that, I can choose between default and enhanced quality.
So, there's my story. What do you guys think?



Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hello. I think jhere were gremlins in your phone that were not happy at being kicked out! :)

In all seriousness, I prefer to do updates over-the-air. And I don't update until my ipad tells me to. It may be just me, but I feel like it gives Apple time to fix any bugs that may've come up. I just hope I don't lose Ava Enhanced voice when I do pull the trigger & update.

Submitted by David Lai on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

After all the tiring process of fixing my mess, I finally can get a laugh outta this!!! Thank you!
OK, I see. So, it looks like over-the-air updates are more prefered, right?
Yeah, I'm also happy that I got Ava back. And I hope now I don't lose my Siri Chinese default and Siri American female enhanced voices... It would be a disaster trying to get all these back again, I'm sure!

Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Love the post. Anyway, I always try to update OTA as well. If it's a major release, like iOS 9 to 10 , or whatever, then I update with iTunes and my phone connected to the mac with the cable. It's just simpler to do it that way. I have seen sometimes in early iOS 10 that sometimes the speak to screen voice would revert to something I didn't have set, for instance, one day I was using the Oliver voice and it went to allison, one that I don't use much. I have used the alex voice for a few months now, for speak to screen, and it hasn't disappeared yet, so hopefully that is fixed, lol!