Digit-Eyes Difficulties

iOS and iPadOS

I'm new to iPhone and recently purchased Digit-Eyes app after noting many favorable endorsements.

I've not been successful as yet in getting the app to spot a bar code. However, during recent attempts, the D-E screen seems to disappear and the phone's focus gets shifted to the phone's status bar. At this point, I've got to exit the status menu, re-open D-E, which again moves me back to the status bar. D-E seems to continue snapping photos throughout this process.

I've contacted D-E re: this matter but have not heard back from them as yet.

Just wondering whether any Applevis users might have some suggestions I might try to keep the phone's focus within the Digit-Eyes app.

Thanks much. Dave



Submitted by Onthemove1971 on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Have you tried to reload the APP? Just a thought..

Good luck, sounds like it might be a bad copy.