Dictionaries, voices and speech in iOS 9

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I've a couple of questions about voices and speech in iOS 9.

First, can someone tell me the difference between the speech settings directly under accessibility and the speech settings under Voiceover? I noticed there are speed settings under both areas, but only the speed setting under speech in Voiceover effects the speaking rate. The other setting seems to have no effect. So what do the speech settings directly under accessibility control? Why have speech settings in 2 places?

Next, is there any way to create pronunciation dictionaries for the various voices? I switched to the Alex voice, but have noticed that it mispronounces some words that Samantha pronounces correctly. Of course, Samantha mispronounces some words, too, so a pronunciation dictionary would be very desirable. Is this possible? If so, how?



Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I agree, the labelling is confusing. The Speech button directly under Accessibility is for someone, most likely with some useful vision, who occasionally needs something read out to them. The Speech button in the Voiceover menu affects Voiceover speech.

Alas, no, there are no pronunciation dictionaries for Voiceover. I wish there were.