Depositing checks with the Chase app

iOS and iPadOS
For quite a while, the chase banking app has had the capability to let you take a picture of your check and deposit it in the bank. I've always wanted to do this but didn't know how much feedback Voice Over would give you and how accessible this part of the Chase Banking app was. My niece who is sighted says that you have to be very exact with the picture and so she thought it would be difficult to get it just right. Has anyone had sucess in trying out this feature? If so I'd love to know how you accomplished it.



Submitted by Zack on Friday, November 23, 2012

I had absolutely no success doing this. I've tried many times, and always had the check rejected. I understand why they would want exact pictures, but it does make things difficult. I do wonder if there's anything they or Apple could do to make the process easier.

Submitted by Ekaj on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I'm also wondering this so this is potentially good info. Last night my father came over to my apartment to try and finish setting up a savings account for me. We use Chase bank, and were having a bit of difficulty getting up and running. The Chase website seems to work very well with VoiceOver, but I hadn't logged on for a few years and we think my account might've been shut down temporarily for security purposes. But my father has their app on his iPhone, and was able to finish setting things up last night over here. So I'm eventually going to start using their mobile app. My father is not a screen reader user.