Departure Board - UK Train Departure Times recently updated with significant VoiceOver improvements

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to make you aware of Departure Board - UK Train Departure Times. It offers a quick and easy way of finding upcoming departures from nearby UK National Rail stations.

When you launch the app, it displays the departure board for the nearest station, as determined by GPS location. It's easy to pick another station if the wrong one is shown..

As mentioned in the subject line, the latest version of this app, released earlier this week, features significant Voice Over improvements. Buttons are more clearly labelled, and it is now possible to set arrival notifications with VO.

I find that this app really comes into its own when I'm actually at a station. I often need to check a train time or platform number, and Departure Board gives me almost instant access to this information. There are a number of really good National Rail-powered journey planning apps available that have a lot more features. However, they often require several double-taps to pull up the departures for the nearest station. Departure Board is not a journey planner, but I think it's a nice app to have as it supplements the journey planning apps which I already use.

I am running the beta on a secondary iOS device and have been in contact with the developer, providing feedback and suggestions for improving accessibility. He is extremely receptive to accessibility suggestions, and seems committed to ensuring that Departure Board is usable for everyone.

The app has a free trial; after that, an in-app purchase is required in order to continue using it.

If you travel on trains in the UK, I would highly recommend at least giving Departure Board a go, especially as it won't cost anything to begin with. There's a button to leave feedback for the developer in the "Settings" menu. As mentioned, he's keen to receive it, and VO users' opinions will most likely differ as to what constitutes a truly accessible app.

I've created an app entry as well.

Link for Departure Board on the App Store:

Departure Board - UK Train Departure Times by Daniel Breslan

Anyway, hoping this is helpful to someone.




Submitted by Daniel Breslan on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hello all,

I'm Daniel Breslan, the developer of Departure Board. I would love any feedback you may have on how I can improve the accessibility of Departure Board.


Daniel Breslan

Submitted by Lee on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hi Daniel. To be honest I find quite a lot of your App usable. One area which does not work very well is if your trying to view what stations a train will stop at. I find it seems to randomly pick stations from other journeys or skips around. So if say you choose the 14:21 train it selects that journey. However, flicking right does some very odd things. Eventually it may say stations train stops at and starts to list them with the time expected. But then for no reason it jumps somewhere else. Maybe some scrolling thing? As I can't see the screen I have no idea. Making that part of the App work would be good though.

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